Go Green!

‘Green’ has never been far away from the agenda with politics, energy and the environment regularly points of discussion. Going green in video production terms offers incredible freedom, flexibility and benefits with equally impressive results.

What is Green Screen?

Green screen or ‘Chroma key’ is a video production technique where a person or object is filmed against a single coloured background (in this case green) and this colour is then isolated using software to make the background transparent, allowing another image to show through. Think weather man/ woman in a news studio and you get the idea.

Green Screen use

Today Chroma Keying is widely used in the entertainment and film industries in part due to the rise of innovative animation and compositing (layering multiple images) techniques. Predominantly green screen is shot in a studio but here at Mugshot Media we also use a portable green screen set-up offering even more flexibility for our clients.

Our green screen studio is also utilised for other forms of video like media training.  Clients are able to film in our studio and simultaneously ‘broadcast’ this ‘live feed’ into our training area allowing other participants to observe, discuss and learn.

Mugshot Media green screen video studio primary uses:

  • Interviews and Live Sound Recording
  • Corporate pieces to camera
  • External/ Internal communications
  • Media/ Communications training and workshops
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Product films
  • Live action/ animation projects
  • Idents (short stings)
  • Photo shoots

The Benefits

  • Cost: Shooting your videos with green screen means you don’t have to shoot multiple videos in a variety of locations if you want different backgrounds. Using simple post-production editing techniques you are able to add in any imagery you want which will save time and ultimately save you money.
  • Flexibility: Shooting with green screen gives you significantly higher amounts of flexibility in your video production.  Your post-shoot added background could be in keeping with your corporate branding or contain text information to reinforce key messages or learning outcomes.
  • Control:  A green screen shoot allows you to have total control over the shooting environment. You can have perfect sound and lighting without distraction (the opposite experience is regularly the case on location). Consistency is key, throw in an autocue to the mix and you are able to produce repeatedly good results every time.


In summary shooting on green screen is something to always consider as part of the pre-production process. Ask yourself do you need extra control over your shoot? Do you want even more flexibility? Does your budget dictate you are unable to visit multiple locations?

Even with the general election now well and truly over there is still time for everyone to consider voting green!