Mugshot Media is an experienced, friendly, creative video production company based at its studio in Cambridge.

Working with a diverse client list, including agencies, we produce award-winning films, digital content, motion graphics and animation.

All our crew and production services are in-house providing consistency and continuity for our clients.

View our latest showreel to give you a short insight into the type of work we produce.


Promoting your business with video is your essential marketing tool. Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and online. Short, positive and engaging is the way to go and once made, the film can be used on any of your marketing channels.


Explainer videos are short marketing videos made to explain any product or service in an engaging way. They can be fun and compelling video or animation. They increase click-through-rates, reduce website bounce rate and can boost conversions by 20% on average.


Training videos are an excellent way of ensuring consistency of learning and processes. Training videos are engaging, informative and most importantly memorable. These videos can be added to your e-learning system as part of a full training experience


Filming is the perfect way to capture the buzz and atmosphere of a live event. Event films can be used to summarise and inform individuals who could not attend. Event films are a fantastic way of promoting your next event.


Tutorials are perfect for guiding users around your product, website or service. Be the expert in your field and drive traffic to your business. Tutorial videos can also be used to aid with product sales.


Animation is the perfect choice for conveying your message in an innovative way without boundaries. Animated infographics are a powerful way to explain products, ideas and services. Animation is a great way for businesses to tell a story quickly, according to Forester Research, one minute of video and animation is worth a staggering 1.8 million words.